Clinical Trials



65 and older and/or 18 and over and disabled

Physician participation fair market compensation

Center Management Group is currently enrolling physicians in a endorsed clinical trial – POETRY. The study is specific to Geriatric Medicine and will benefit participants patients and practice.

Below please find information regarding participation in a new pharmacogenomics clinical registry now enrolling elderly and disabled patients available in all 50 states. A simple cheek swab test 100% covered by Medicare measures how your patients currently metabolize hundreds of the most prescribed medications currently available. Specialty medications for psychiatry, pain management and cardiology as well as over-the-counter medications such as Advil, cough medications and caffeine can be evaluated for each individual patient.

The POETRY Registry, or Pharmacogenomic testing Of the elderly and disabled to reduce morbidity, began in May 2014 and will be collecting data on up to 280,000 patients. The primary objective of the registry is to evaluate the value of pharmacogenomic (PGx) testing in elderly and disabled patients. We are collecting information to help providers better manage patient medications and assess if testing can have a positive impact in avoiding adverse drug events – a leading cause of accidental deaths, hospitalizations and ER visits.

Testing is conducted through an oral swab that is sent to the laboratory for evaluation. A personalized test report is provided to show how a patient metabolizes in each measured gene pathway and medications in those pathways to help improve patient treatment plans.

Fair market compensation will be provided to physicians for each patient adequately enrolled in the study, $90-$100. There is no out of pocket cost for patients.

If interested, we will get additional information regarding the registry and would welcome the opportunity to speak to you about enrolling yourself and patients the study. It’s a very simple process.

Go to and search POETRY registry as this is an official Medicare study.

Please contact us at [email protected] or at (678)773-7033 with your interest and with questions that you may have.